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Share (Savings) Account

Deposit Return Check$30.00 each
Stop Payment on Share Check$20.00 each
Credit Union Check to 2nd Party$2.00 each
Account Closure within 90 days$1.00
Bad Address Fee$5.00 per mailing
Inactive/dormant Account fee for accounts under $100 with no activity in last 24 months, Excluding minors accounts.$15.00 per quarter
Account Research$30.00 per hour
Account Closure within 90 days$1.00

Share Draft (Checking) Account

Monthly Service Chargenone
Overdraft Fee-NSF/Uncollected$30.00 per item
Stop Payment$20.00 per item
Series of Stop Payment$35.00 each series
Share Draft Check Copy$3.00 each item
account Research/Balancing$30.00 per hour
Overdraft transfer fee$5.00 per item
Deposited Checks Returned$30.00 per item
Check Printing Chargevaries per style

Debit Fees

New Debit CardNo Charge
Replacement Debit Card$10.00 each
Replace PIN$5.00
Withdrawals$1.00 each
Inquiries$1.00 each
Debit Card Insufficient $30.00 per item

Other Fees

VISA Gift Cards$3.00 each
Statement Copy$5.00 per month
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee$20.00 each
Notary ServiceNo Charge
Non-Member Check Cashing1% of the check
Loan Refinance Under 6 months$25.00
Loan Late Fee$15.00 after 15 days
Lien Release Copy$5.00
Levy or Garnishment$25.00
IRA Administration Fee$20.00 per year
Holiday Club Early Withdraw$10.00
Check Cashing1% of check (up to $20) if Member only has savings and a balance of $100.00 or less
Cashier Checks$5.00 each
ACH Return & Insufficient Fund Fee$30.00 each
Non Member Gift Cards$4.00
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