Privacy Policy

Northland Community Credit Union (NCCU) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information about our members, and it is our goal to protect that information in every way, Recently, there has been a lot talk concerning the privacy of consumer financial information. We have never shared non-public personal information and we will continue to protect your privacy:

Our Privacy Disclosure Policy

We will not disclose your non-public personal information other than to non-affiliated third parties as permitted by law (for example, to reputable credit reporting bureaus).

We only ask for information we truly need to complete a transaction or maintain a business relationship with you.

We use this information to protect and administer your records, accounts and funds.

Types of Information That We Collect

Identifying Information
Application Information
Name and address
Assets and income
Social security number
Transaction Information
Information from consumer reports
Such as a consumer’s credit
Payment history
Account balance
Worthiness and credit history
Parties to the transaction

What we do to protect the confidentiality and integrity of Non-Public Personal Information.
We restrict employee access to personal information to a “need to know” basis. Only employees who legitimately require your personal data to complete a business transaction ever see it. We strictly enforce procedures that prevent unauthorized access to your data . We require all organizations to which we provide data as permitted by law to have similar privacy safeguards, to further ensure your confidentiality.

If you ever have questions or concerns about the integrity of your account information, please contact us.

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